No Roadmaps for Worldbringers

Goals are for the smaller stuff,
specifics of this week, today
because we can’t see far enough
to guess what new surprises lay
beyond that. Top this nearest hill
and pause to find the next clear way.
A mountain in the distance still
calls to us, and yet we stay
grounded in the valley here
and set a goal not far away.

Tomorrow, top this next near hill —
the valley grows a different shape.
This landscape wasn’t formed until
we moved here. We create the place
we stand in; then we look for how
the world responds. This gives us play
to find where rock and rain allow
a level spot, where we can say:
We’re closer to that distant peak,
a taller state toward which we aim.
Because from there we just might reach
the star! And then the world will change