Your team, plus me

You have a bunch of great people, and you know they could be a great team. Inspired, creative, and neck deep in the business needs. Less held-back solving the same kinds of problems over and over again.

The very best software teams are symmathesies: learning systems made of learning parts. They aren’t just good; they make themselves better every day. I want to give your team the tools to be a healthy, productive symmathesy.

Do you need help with your DevOps transformation? Let me help with technical problems and inspire your team with lessons from companies that succeed at this transformation.

Do your processes require a lot of clicking and typing? Does it take months to bring new team members up to speed on the gotchas unique to your development environment? I can level up your team’s skill at transmuting development friction into smooth-running, self-documenting automations.

Are your customers also developers? Find and smooth the bumps that are stopping adoption. I can explain to developers why & how they can use your service.

Or hey, maybe you know it would be fun to have me on your team. 😀

For a few hours or a few months, I’d love to learn about what you’re doing, ask useful questions, dig in and help your team become a learning system of learning parts.

Let’s talk. (You can also email