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Software is a fascinating industry to be in.

Sometimes I think I was really really good in a previous life, and I got to pick when to come back, and I chose this. The Oregon Trail Generation: the birth of the internet! When phones go from physical locations to robot brains that we each hold. The emergence of a medium so flexible that we can build and change serious complex systems in minutes.

Software is sufficiently complex that it is analogous to biology, ecology, and sociology. None of those are manipulable like software. With software we can build in observation points and change points. We can experiment and learn like never before. My secret hope is that in learning about software, we all learn systems thinking, and then we can be nice to each other.

If you want to know about me, these are the works that express it:

Camerata This is my most impactful talk so far: On the origins of opera (the music, not the browser) and the future of programming. Read the post or watch the video that’s linked at the top of it.

ElixirConf 2015 keynote: it isn’t about Elixir. The magic of this one is that I never gave them an abstract, and I wrote it in the three days beforehand, right after StrangeLoop. It’s my first album: everything I had accumulated to say so far.

GOTO Copenhagen 2017 keynote: here’s the sequel, everything I’ve learned since then. It’s missing a key piece (the Line of Representation as described in the STELLA Report by DD Woods) that I picked up a few months later. Next iteration, that’s in there.

Here are some posts I’m particularly happy with, on all my various blogs.

Hyperproductive Development: 10x developers are real in a context not as a person

Impermanence: forgetting (and death)is crucial for progress

Seamaps: how I prioritize, and scale the “why” of my work. That’s the video; there’s also an older post.

Systems Thinking about WIT: Why aren’t there more women programmers? Because there are so few women programmers.

Embedded Developers: We need a lot more of these. Please can we blur the line between business and developer?

TISTIL: on housework and teamwork. This tumblr holds short little analogies between software systems and important systems.

Pipes: From my personal blog, a useful analogy about balancing all the pressures in our life.

If you want to know where my head is at the moment

check twitter.

And don’t forget the podcast!

I love >Code, and I’m on the panel most weeks. My favorite is with Dr Eugenia Cheng, mathematician, because it defines congressive and ingressive.