Jessica Kerr

Jessica Kerr, 2021

In real life, I’m a mother to two teenagers and their cats. We live in a rectangular prism on a strangely shaped street near St. Louis, MO.

developer, advocate, symmathecist

Jessica Kerr is a Principal Developer Advocate at, because observability is one way our teams learn from our software. In speaking and teaching, Jess works across languages and communities, spreading cheerful deep thoughts. Code, tools, and people are not separable; all form the team that operates useful software.

Find some workshops, videos, and writing on systems thinking at Others at

She speaks about domain driven design, automation, git, acceleration, functional programming, growth, concurrency, products, property tests, and progress. Her talks use languages including Java, Ruby, Elm, Clojure, Scala, TypeScript. She’s flown to Australia, Canada, nine countries in Europe, and all across the US; she misses all this very much (in 2021).

She has contributed articles to InfoQ, 97 Things a Java Programmer Should Know, and more.

As a host, she podcasts on Greater than Code and Arrested DevOps. She also appears on many other podcasts.

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