Jessica Kerr: software developer, consultant, symmathecist

Symmathecist, because the work of software development is much richer than coding. Our job is to understand the system we’re growing, and express that in code.

Developers participate in a sociotechnical system full of learning — a symmathesy. We teach computers to do more useful work. Meanwhile we learn from the operating software, from each other, and from the wider world.

Observability is part of making software a helpful team member. Talk to me about it! Get on my calendar for office hours.


I speak about symmathesy, product teams, and domain driven design. My favorites are internal to a company, where people are collectively building the same systems.


Follow along on my newsletter. Watch me stream, usually with Avdi. Hear me podcasting on Arrested DevOps and Greater Than Code. Find the sum of output on my blog.

Jessica kicked off our internal unconference with a keynote that inspired a feeling of purpose and set the right tone for an event full of collaboration and innovation. She then joined us, side by side, in our unconference exuding her spirit of welcoming, energy, and experience. It was the spark we needed to get the most out of our event.

Gene Connolly, Meltwater

This has been #1 probably top of all time the best subscription, I am so glad that I came to your talk at RubyConf.

Kingdon Barrett, developer