Software Design: Beyond Boxes and Lines

Keynote at YOW! December 2021: Software design: Beyond Boxes and Lines – Jessica Kerr – YouTube




Domain Driven Design, by Eric Evans (book)

Learn Wardley Mapping, by Simon Wardley; documented by Ben Mosier (site)

Team Topologies, by Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais (book)

Grokking Simplicity, by Eric Normand (book)

Functional Programming in Scala, by Runar Bjarnason and Paul Chuisano (book)

Everything Flows, edited by Nicholson and Dupré (book)

Alloy: everything Hillel Wayne does (blog)

Three Worlds, by Karl Popper (paper)

Why Information Grows, by Cesar Hidalgo (book)

Software Development and Reality Construction, by Christiane Floyd et al (book, pdf)

Linguistic Bodies, by Ezequiel Di Paulo et al (book)

Small Arcs of Larger Circles, by Nora Bateson (book)

Historical Detail

This was originally a keynote for DDD xChange 2021.

Original slides:


In the last decade, I’ve journeyed through OOP, functional programming, TDD, microservices, DevOps, etc etc etc. They all have their crucial contributions to how we write software, but one stands at the center.

It’s Domain Driven Design.

In this talk, I’ll describe DDD through the lens of several other paradigms — from Wardley mapping and feminism through XP and security, see the core principles that drive this movement and how it is also present in DDD.

Then, I’ll take the core principle of DDD as a lens on something bigger: how we work, how we live, what makes us human.

Use our understanding of software systems to gain understanding of ourselves.