Startups are supposed to pivot: run with one idea, then stop in the middle and possibly switch to a completely different path. Reassess the market, their current position and where they can go. Abandon the original idea completely for a more promising path to big profits.

This is hard for humans. We get attached to our paths and objectives. We cling to sunk costs until they sink us.

People can pivot too. We work toward our goal – a promotion, say, or to write a book. We selected the goal because we think achieving it will make us happy. I chase an unreachable star because running toward it makes me happy. Yet, to this ultimate objective there are many paths. Circumstances change, people change. Will the goals you chose years ago still make you happiest? Creation, acclaim, relationships, children, enlightenment – there are many paths to fulfillment.

Reassess your position. Look around you, and look inside yourself. Pivot toward happiness.