learning to learn

Francesco Cesarini remarked the other day that most of learning programming is learning how to learn.

As an adult, I do this consciously now. I’m learning piano, and when a teacher tells me: practice only that part that I struggle with. Practice it slowly. One hand at a time. When you get it right, keep going: practice it correctly five times before moving on.

I do this, and it helps. I learn the song, and I learn something about learning.

The other day, practicing a 10-minute talk, I stopped after the part I struggled with it. I practiced that one part, repeatedly, not until I got it right but until I got it right three times in a row. It helped.

So now you have a trick for learning something. The larger point is: look for you own learning tricks, and apply them more broadly, and get better at learning everything. This is the next level of humanity, this is the modern age, this is software.