One skill is not enough

It takes more than one skill to be useful these days. Development, communication, writing, interviewing, management, business — these skills don’t do anything by themselves. Developing what? communicating what? Which business? You need a domain of expertise to apply these abstract skills to. I can’t communicate what I don’t understand. Nor develop good software in … Read moreOne skill is not enough

Adding qualities to systems

The other day there was a tweet about a Chief Happiness Officer. Later someone remarked about their Agile Transformation Office. It seems like we (as a culture) think that we can add qualities to systems the way we add ingredients to a recipe. Systems, especially symmathesies, aren’t additive! Agility, happiness, these are spread throughout the … Read moreAdding qualities to systems

Distance outside of maps

Distance is seriously strange. Yesterday on the southern coast of Spain, at an Italian restaurant run by a German, I had tiramisu, because I’ve never had tiramisu this close to Italy. People laughed, because Spain is farther from Italy than Germany or Poland (geographically) – but for food purposes it’s closer, right? Geographic distance is … Read moreDistance outside of maps

Predictability is hard, surprises are everywhere

Today at J on the Beach, Helena Edelson talked about a lot of things that Akka can do for event streaming, microservices,  generally handling a lot of data and keeping it (eventually) consistent across great distances. With opt-in causal consistency!  I am amazed by how hard it is to have consistent causality and data across … Read morePredictability is hard, surprises are everywhere