Learning to program? It’s time for Pairing with Bunny!

My sister Rachel wants to learn to program. “Will you teach me?” Sure, of course!

Teaching someone to program turns out to be harder than I thought. It’s astounding how many little tricks and big principles I’ve absorbed over the years. It’s way more than can be passed on in a few years.

Gotta start somewhere, right?

Here it is, then: Pairing with Bunny. In which we record our pairing sessions. In which we start from the beginning, and look dumb, and repeat ourselves, and generally show how a human might learn to program.

So far we have two pieces up on YouTube[1], along with some outtakes and rants that happened. This is unprofessional, it’s real, and my sister has a lot of personality. I’m not sanitizing this. It’s how it happens.

We’re taking programming from the beginning and taking it slow, not getting anything perfect (or even right) from the start. One thing at a time. Can we accomplish anything at this speed? (spoiler: not so far, except some learning.)

If you want a senior programmer’s perspective with a complete newbie’s questions, these are the videos for you.

More videos are available on the channel.

If this is helpful, comment here, or ping me on twitter, and I’ll get my butt in gear at posting more.

[1] I’m thinking about moving them to Vimeo so that they can be available to download. Would that help you?

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