OpenTelemetry in a script tag

When I make a website, even a toy one, I want to get telemetry. Has anyone visited it? Did my JavaScript crash? Little things. I want to send this with OpenTelemetry, because it’s the industry standard and all. Currently (November 2023), that requires a whole JavaScript build chain to package up the libraries etc etc. … Read moreOpenTelemetry in a script tag

Working Skillfully in Complexity (for VDDD)

For: [Virtual open Space] Systems Thinking and Skillful Interaction 20 September, 2023 Keynote by Jessica Kerr, These are my notes, publishing for people who were there (or anyone who wants to read them) Working Skillfully in Complexity Plan: about half on the technical side of sociotechnical systems, half on social. I can’t define what … Read moreWorking Skillfully in Complexity (for VDDD)

No More Feedback (book summary)

We’re talking here about “feedback” as commentary from people you work with, telling you what you could do better—in particular, 360° Feedback as part of a performance review. I’ve capitalized “Feedback” in this post in reference to this particular use of the word. The benefits of Feedback are purely mythological. Carol Sanford, No More Feedback … Read moreNo More Feedback (book summary)

Why no traces? Traceflags 00 edition

Today we wrote some code, told it to send a trace to Honeycomb, and it didn’t. No traces, no error message, why??? This happened to us on AWS Lambda, and it could happen other places too. These debugging techniques can be helpful anywhere you’re struggling with OpenTelemetry. Here I’ll demonstrate them in a tiny Node … Read moreWhy no traces? Traceflags 00 edition

Setting up ALB Access Logs in EKS using Terraform

My objective is to troubleshoot 502 errors in my load balancer. The first step is to set up access logs. That says to create an S3 bucket, create a policy for it, and then configure the load balancer. I refuse to do this in the console; I’m using terraform to create resources and kubernetes to … Read moreSetting up ALB Access Logs in EKS using Terraform

import { utility} from StackOverflow

When you want a simple utility function that isn’t part of the standard library, what do you do? A. Find a library and use itB. Write the function and add it to an internally shared collectionC. Cut and paste from StackOverflow I’ve done all three in my twenty years of development, and I’m here to … Read moreimport { utility} from StackOverflow