nope, can’t do everything

The other day in the kitchen, I was disgusted by the knife left in the sink. Knives are dangerous. Wash them, dry them, put them directly back into the knife block.

It’s just one thing in the kitchen. It’s one that I’ve picked to be important. Meanwhile I left bits of food on the floor, kicked them under the edge of the counter. Someone else would find that disgusting.

i can let go of my fury about the knives now. And laundry baskets on the couch (those things sit on the basement floor, ew). And ripped-open envelopes, those are so hideous I must throw them away immediately.

These are only my pet peeves. The other adults in my household are not deficient people for prioritizing something else instead. There are infinitely many useful things to do or clean. If they do choose to put the knives away or trash the envelopes for my sake, it is a gift.

It’s the same in code. I have my pet peeves. How important is it that the tests hit live services instead of faked ones? Yes it will be faster and better when we put in the work to change that, but there are tons of other things to work on too. It’s a balance. Sometimes we do a thing because it makes the other people on our team more relaxed. Christian doesn’t like abbreviations so I’ve started writing out “repository” more. These are gifts we can give each other to smooth our teamwork.