Kubernetes is like a dishwasher

I’m capable of washing dishes by hand. But I don’t enjoy
doing that every time I eat. And I don’t appreciate when people get
sloppy and there’s still food on the plates.

The dishwasher is
a standard place to put the dirty dishes. Washing happens. I have to
load it and unload it, but the washing is reliable, consistently
thorough, with hotter water than I could use by hand and no dirty washcloths.

is like a dishwasher. Yes, I could run all my apps by hand, but I
wouldn’t do as good a job, I can’t prescribe to other people how to do
it with the same precision, and I might re-use infrastructure (dirty

Kubernetes, once loaded, keeps the apps running until
I unload them. It watches over them, so I don’t have to think about
them every day.

It does suck when the dishwasher breaks down
and I don’t know how to fix it. Glad there are companies who will
do that for me.

Kubernetes is better than a dishwasher because it
has an API; I can program computers to load and unload it, triggered on
events like a successful build. I’m still working to program my kids to
put their dishes in the dishwasher upon successful meal completion.