Morning Stance

It is 7:09. One child is out, and I have returned to bed. Alexa will wake me at 7:15.

Six minutes: I could make my bed or do tiny morning yoga. Six minutes of rest is useless; I’ll feel worse afterward. What am I likely to do?

I picture the probability space in front of me. Intention, habit, and a better start to the day push me toward yoga. Yet there’s a boundary there, a blockage: it is my current stance.

At 7:09, if I were standing, I’d likely do yoga. But at 7:09 and horizontal, I’m gonna stay horizontal. Only a change in surrounding conditions (beep, beep, beep!) will trigger motion.

Cat Swetel talks about stances. By changing your stance, you change your inclinations.

It is 7:10. I choose to change my stance. I stand up.

I make my bed.

One deliberate change of stance, and positive habits and intentions take it from there.