UX request: Tell, don’t hide

Y’know how sometimes a particular logged-in user isn’t authorized for some option, so you don’t show it to them?

Don’t do that to people. Tell me it’s there, tell me I can’t do it, tell me who can.

This is what happens when you hide it:

me: "I need to create a generic login for CI." visits users.mycompany.com.
site: change your user. manage some irrelevant thing. More other things. me: "huh, not here. How do people do this?Chat. me: How do you cerate a new generic login? I can't find it on the new site. Dave: I did it on users.mycompany.com"
Dave visits users.mycompany.com. Options are the same as before, plus "create new user" and other special stuff. 
Dave: "What an idiot. How can she not figure that out?"

Dave and I exist in different worlds, and we don’t know it.

This is even worse with remote work. No longer can I walk over and look at his screen. I have to deduce that this is happening, request a zoom with Dave, and then take turns sharing screens to confirm: it’s not me, it’s the app.

Please, designers and developers, keep us in the same world. I’m not allowed to create new users, but I am allowed to know that the option exists. Please give me the information I need to get this done.

users.mycompany.com, with option grayed out but alt text that says, "Only powerful people like Dave can do this"

Be specific about context: I’m not talking about super-secret admin options. Or when there’s a conscious decision that the salesperson’s view and the manager’s view are different. This post is about a screen that looks almost the same to two people, and especially in internal apps.

Please don’t put us in different worlds. Tell, don’t hide.