This comic describes life in a typical heterosexual household:

Consider the part about clearing the table. The protagonist goes to put something away, sees laundry needs moved, moves it; sees food to put away, puts it; sees mustard is missing, notes it. As she moves about the home, she’s doing stuff that needs doing, moving what needs moving, noting what needs done later. It’s 2 hours before she’s cleaned the table, but the house is in an overall better state.

Her partner clears the table in 10 minutes, but does nothing else to improve the house. He probably stacked shit somewhere else.

Which of them looks more productive?

If we evaluate our performance based on the time it takes us to do the named task at hand, we look slow unless we skip everything else we see.

If we’re evaluated at how smoothly the household operates – or how smoothly our development team’s work goes long-term – this looks very different. My team has mustard, and clean laundry, and the food is in the fridge. We aren’t gonna be in the “oh crap I have no clean shirts and no sandwiches” panic when a deadline approaches.

Individual productivity is a destructive thing to measure.

Think about generativity instead: the difference between your team’s work without you, vs your team’s work with you.

Who on your team would the work slowly go to crap without? (on mine it’s @ddgenome.) Say thanks to that person today, and tell their manager.