Video: Automating at a Higher Level with Atomist

Philly ETE has published my video on InfoQ!

 This is about development automation: why it’s a great idea, why we should do more of it, and how Atomist is enabling it. There is live coding, there is me getting excited, and there is an awesome sparkly dinosaur shirt. I love this shirt. I also love automation, can you tell?


The talk is from April 2017. Abstract:

As developers, we automate. We automate other work, and sometimes we automate our own. We save typing with templates or IDEs. We save searching out information with Slack integrations. Many companies have custom internal bots to tie together chat, version control, and build servers.

Most companies can’t and shouldn’t dedicate whole teams to streamlining development. And they shouldn’t have to. Atomist is building programmable developer automation, from typing code to tracking status. Keep your code up-to-date with automated pull requests and generators. Keep yourselves up-to-date with mini-dashboards in chat that correlate commits with builds, complete with action buttons to cut down your context switches.

This session will demonstrate the standard Atomist coordination and automation tools, plus how to program instant automation for your code and team.