Why no traces? Traceflags 00 edition

Today we wrote some code, told it to send a trace to Honeycomb, and it didn’t. No traces, no error message, why??? This happened to us on AWS Lambda, and it could happen other places too. These debugging techniques can be helpful anywhere you’re struggling with OpenTelemetry. Here I’ll demonstrate them in a tiny Node … Read moreWhy no traces? Traceflags 00 edition

Accountability for Effective Teams

Accountability is about performance and behavior. Patrick Lencioni, The Advantage Accountability for measurable outcomes is “not the most important kind.” It’s the easy kind. The kind [of accountability] that is more fundamental, important, and difficult is about behavior. Lencioni, The Advantage It’s fundamental because behavior is what we can legitimately ask someone to change. Business … Read moreAccountability for Effective Teams

Alignment gets expensive. Don’t skimp on it.

Honeycomb has doubled in size since I joined less than 2 years ago. More people means we can do more things at the same time. Both “more people” and “more things at the same time” lead to increased overhead. There’s coordination overhead to get timings right on work that’s independent. Like, to release a feature … Read moreAlignment gets expensive. Don’t skimp on it.

Setting up ALB Access Logs in EKS using Terraform

My objective is to troubleshoot 502 errors in my load balancer. The first step is to set up access logs. That says to create an S3 bucket, create a policy for it, and then configure the load balancer. I refuse to do this in the console; I’m using terraform to create resources and kubernetes to … Read moreSetting up ALB Access Logs in EKS using Terraform

Book Review: Software Design By Example

People can “learn to code” on so many websites, in little in-browser environments. Sites instruct on the basics of ‘for’ loops and ‘if’ statements. In advanced courses, learn algorithms and data structures. Writing toy programs is eminently teachable. Writing useful programs is something else. And writing them well is a mysterious art. Greg Wilson‘s new … Read moreBook Review: Software Design By Example