Tiny dramas, tiny deploys

It is better to practice risky things often and in small chunks with a limited blast radius, rather than to avoid risky things. Charity Majors, “Test in production? Yes“ Charity is writing about deploys. Not-deploying may be safer for tonight, but in the medium term it leads to larger deploys and bigger, trickier failures. In … Read moreTiny dramas, tiny deploys

Migrating some services from AWS to Pivotal Web Services

My objective is to run some services on Pivotal Web Services (PWS; hosted instance of Pivotal Cloud Foundry), and have them respond to requests to `https://survey.atomist.com` at various paths. Currently these services run on AWS, along with services that respond at other subdomains of atomist.com. TL;DR: this is easy enough for HTTP requests and prohibitively … Read moreMigrating some services from AWS to Pivotal Web Services