Starter Elm app that deploys on Netlify

It also works with VSCode devcontainers and on GitPod. Because Step 1 in any new project is a reproducible development environment, and Step 2 is get it in production. Step 3 is implement something. Copy this code: systemsthinking-dev/poker-in-elm at starter ( This is my accomplishment for the day, so I’m here to share it with … Read moreStarter Elm app that deploys on Netlify

Software development pushes us to get better as people

Have you ever been on a really good software team? There’s this feeling of connectedness, of shared purpose. We know what we’re building, and we are skilled at building it together. This kind of team can grow some amazing software. When we work at making our team great like this, we look for new ways … Read moreSoftware development pushes us to get better as people

Product teams own capabilities, not (only) code.

As a software engineer, what is your job? and what is your value? On many teams, the work is “add features to this codebase.” We congratulate teams for moving JIRA tickets from “defined” to “delivered.” Meanwhile, the value to the business depends on value to the customers, or to people or software who in turn … Read moreProduct teams own capabilities, not (only) code.

Better coordination, or better software?

TL;DR: When different parts of an organization need to coordinate, it seems like a good idea to help them coordinate smoothly and frequently. Don’t. Help them coordinate less — more explicitly, less often. Software systems get big, and they have lots of parts, and those parts need to talk to each other. Maybe we’re building … Read moreBetter coordination, or better software?

the Enterprise eats Software

a leafy plant where the edges of the leaves are dying

Just now, Avdi had a miserable experience buying curtains. He went to pick up an order that he placed last night, but Lowe’s didn’t have it. The order was sent to the wrong store and it was a huge pain to figure out. Software is hard to get right. And every time we don’t, customers … Read morethe Enterprise eats Software

10x developer: work->knowledge->work

The most productive developer on a team is usually the one with the most knowledge of the system. Of the code, the business domain, the other software this code interacts with, and the people in the organization who can help. How did they get that knowledge? By working on the system. Weinberg remarks that when … Read more10x developer: work->knowledge->work

Software teams are like Executive Teams

In any large enough company, there are front-line workers, management, and executives. Executives set direction, management sets up the situation for the workers, and workers do the labor. Workers do the company business every day, providing capabilities to external or internal customers. Management gets them the tools and training they need, for today and for … Read moreSoftware teams are like Executive Teams