Keynote: Collective Problem Solving in Music, Science, Art, and Software

(originally titled: “On the Origins of Opera and the Future of Programming”) Blog write-up Abstract There’s a story to tell, about musicians, artists, philosophers, scientists, and then programmers. There’s a truth inside it that leads to a new view of work, that sees beauty in the painful complexity that is software development. Starting from The …

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Keynote: From Puzzles to Products

Blog post: From Puzzles to Products Abstract What will help you grow as a developer, skills or understanding?Which internal software has negative business value? When does correctness matter?Oh, and – can software save the world? Jessica looks to her own career and to the history of Cybernetics for answers — or better, more interesting questions.Follow her through solving puzzles to growing products and beyond. From Cold War rationality back to Enlightenment reason.Learn new ways to think about your career in software and a new way to talk about your systems. Past public deliveries VelocityConf, San Jose, June 2019. Video <- link Southeast Ruby, Nashville, August 2019