Capturing the World in Software

TL;DR – we can get a complete, consistent model of a small piece of the world using Event Sourcing. This is powerful but expensive. Today on twitter, Jimmy Bogard on the tradeoffs of Event Sourcing: If event sourcing is not scalable, faster, or simpler, why use it? Event Sourcing gives you a complete, consistent model … Read moreCapturing the World in Software

Distance outside of maps

Distance is seriously strange. Yesterday on the southern coast of Spain, at an Italian restaurant run by a German, I had tiramisu, because I’ve never had tiramisu this close to Italy. People laughed, because Spain is farther from Italy than Germany or Poland (geographically) – but for food purposes it’s closer, right? Geographic distance is … Read moreDistance outside of maps

Provenance and causality in distributed systems

Can you take a piece of data in your system and say what version of code put it in there, based on what messages from other systems? and what information a human viewed before triggering an action? Me neither. Why is this acceptable? (because we’re used to it.)We could make this possible. We could trace … Read moreProvenance and causality in distributed systems