To grow, yet not to control

Giving birth and nourishing,making without possessing,expecting nothing in return.To grow, yet not to control:This is the mysterious virtue. Lau Tzu, Tao Te Ching Can we make software, and care for it in productionwithout feeling possessive of our code? The software gives us nothing back. It could emit events for us. If we listen to its … Read moreTo grow, yet not to control

Grow to where we’re going

“Plants are movers…. Plants grow to where they’re going.” Frazier, P. & Jamone, Lorenzo & Althoefer, Kaspar & Calvo, Paco. (2020). Plant Bioinspired Ecological Robotics. Frontiers in Robotics and AI. 7. 10.3389/frobt.2020.00079. This is a keynote written originally for a private company. I’ll do it at conferences, including YOW! in September 2020. Short bite: In … Read moreGrow to where we’re going

Growth Loops: circular causality is real

A few hundred years ago, we decided that circular causality was a logical fallacy. All causes are linear. If something moves, then something else pushed it. If you want to see why, you have to look smaller; all forces derive from microscopic forces. Yet as a human, I see circular causality everywhere. autocatalytic loops in … Read moreGrowth Loops: circular causality is real