Closing the feedback loop from the customer

Feedback loops are essential to learning. In business, they’re essential to getting the product right. We need to know what the customers think, what they’re struggling with, what they value. There’s one department that has a lot of contact with customers. Whole conversations, where we can learn a lot about what frustrates people. Yet, customer …

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Keynote: From Puzzles to Products

Blog post: From Puzzles to Products Abstract What will help you grow as a developer, skills or understanding?Which internal software has negative business value? When does correctness matter?Oh, and – can software save the world? Jessica looks to her own career and to the history of Cybernetics for answers — or better, more interesting questions.Follow her through solving puzzles to growing products and beyond. From Cold War rationality back to Enlightenment reason.Learn new ways to think about your career in software and a new way to talk about your systems. Past public deliveries VelocityConf, San Jose, June 2019. Video <- link Southeast Ruby, Nashville, August 2019

Domain-specific laws

“there appear new laws and even new kinds of laws, which apply in the domain in question.” David Bohm, quoted by Alicia Juarrero He’s talking about the qualitative transformation that happens in a system when certain quantitative transition points are passed. Qualitative transformation I notice this when something that used to be a pain gets …

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Reductionism with Command and Control

In hard sciences, we aim to describe causality from the bottom up, from elementary particles. Atoms form molecules, molecules form objects, and the reason objects bounce off each other is reduced to electromagnetic interactions between the molecules in their surfaces. Molecules in DNA determine production of proteins which result in cell operations which construct organisms. …

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